VTC Recruiter Alpha

VTC Recruiter Alpha

Posted By: Logan_Rocks | Date: 2018-01-25

The development team here at VTC Recruiter has been hard at work on making a brand new website as we have grown out of this current forum software that we are currently using. This website was great for our start of VTC Recruiter but our team feels like we need something better, something unique for us, something OVER THE TOP! Well our developers have been hard at work, putting hours, days, weeks into a piece of art that is currently known as VTC Recruiter beta (or VTC Recruiter V.2). The new site is in early alpha and may contain bugs but we are pushing this out to the public for beta testing and will move it over to replace the main site hopefully within the end of February. here are the list of features that are live and will be added


  • VTC Advertising (Live Feature)
  • Job Logging System (Not Live)
  • Custom Ticket Support System (Live)
  • Discord Bot (Not Live)
  • Community Chat System (Not Live)
  • Live Chat Support (Not Live)
  • Custom Forum (Not Live)


More features will be added over time but these are the key features we want to be added. We want your feedback on what you think should be added and what should be worked on. Email us at marek@vtcrecruiter.com or go to the contact form https://beta.vtcrecruiter.com/contactus.php


Happy Trucking!

The VTC Recruiter Team