American Truck Simulator VTCs

PLM transport
Wij zijn een klein en gezellig bedrijf dat zich vooral focust op het samen gezellig rijden door europa en west amerika
Baltic Express
Baltic Express is a Euro Truck Simulator 2 and a American Truck Simulator Virtual Trucking Company (VTC).We have 2 positions in Baltic Express. Either part time or full time in which you pick what is better for you. We like to make sure that all our drivers are up to standard and that they work hard and helping us grow Baltic Express cause we understand we are nothing without our drivers. We are a English speaking company and will allow people to join from all around the world as long as you put in the work. Some of us at Baltic Express do come from trucking backgrounds and we believe that this is helping us achieve a more realistic side of trucking and making a better experience for everyone who is involved in Baltic Express.
Casual Carriers VTC
Casual Carriers VTC Casual Carriers VTC is a virtual trucking company for  the PC games American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. CC was recently founded on December 4, 2017 by John Preston (know as Littlefoot) in both game worlds to create a professional, realistic but fun and enjoyable experience for virtual truckers that enjoy hauling loads across the American and Europe roads. Casual Carriers is a judgement free  VTC, however we respect all of our staff and drivers alike.Regardless if you prefer hauling loads in single player with your mods or enjoy trucking with fellow CC drivers, Casual Carriers is the VTC for you.-We offer trip logging through Trucksbook- A professional environment within our Parent VTC-Discord for our communication needs-Variety truck fleet in both ATS and ETS2   We are now Recruiting Casual Carriers is now Hiring virtual drivers for American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2 who take Virtual trucking seriously and enjoy trucking with others that enjoy trucking together. We are seeking active drivers and staff for both Simulators Apply today and we will be glad to have you aboard
CS Trucking
CS Trucking is a new virtual trucking company (VTC) in the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator on TruckersMP. We don't have strict requirements, minimum job lengths or any of that nonsense.
P&C Logistics LTD
P&C Logistics LTD is now recruiting drivers to join our company.   P&C Logistics LTD is a small VTC and is looking for keen drivers who are looking for a friendly community to join and play games with along with helping the VTC become a global company.
Long Gaming Services
Welcome we are a new branch of the Long Gaming Community and we are working to make a Professional company and maybe try to  get as many as 100 drivers and we are working hard to make our community great and we can't do that without having drivers if you are looking for a great Trucking Community where we welcome everyone then look no further than Long Gaming Services! We love our drivers We Value Our Drivers We know the way!
Storm VTC
Storm Gaming is a VTC without any boundaries. You can join and be part of any of our game communities. Here we are friendly and unrestrictive. We also have a select CS:GO team.
German Cargo Logistics
We are looking for active german speaking drivers! We offer: No minimum online time a week a growing, helping and friendly community use of SpedV for logging cargo deliveries help & support for questions regarding ETS2, ATS and SpedV finally a lot of fun :)  
Laugrys Logistics
The Wheels of the world    
LYDA is now hiring Drivers to Get on their Machines and Travel Village to Village , Country to Country . We here in LYDA try to be as human like as possible , we are a serious VTC but no matter that we dont recommend being too serious or like to be serious , being serious in our opinion ruins the mood . You do what you do ... Here in LYDA you will experience things that no other VTC might offer . We have Weekly Quizzes like Guess the Cargo / Find the Code , Rankup Job Systems , Limited time Delivery Missions , that get you ranks on the server , a whole different Currency System which you can get Ranks With . We here at LYDA \\\\\\\"will\\\\\\\" offer Custom Trailer mods with our own Custom Stock which you can get Rewarded for Transporting . With LYDA Coins . We are going to have Placements for Different types of staff positions / Graphics Designer / Dispatch ( Convoy Leader ) / Recruiters etc... All of that will be available to your as soon as we begin to grow bigger . We are also having Security Pilot Training Corses , 5-10 Members = We will Contract Convoy Missions that gain you tons of LYDA Coins . Weekly ReUnions will be available . ( Mini Games , Quiz , Guess the Cargo etc ) 10-50 Members = Staf Apps will be open for recruitment , Dispatch , Recruiters . Singleplayer Deliveries will be Unlocked . 50-100 Members = Our Security Corses will be Available to take . 100-200 Members = We will expand in different languages , and begin to make Partnerships . We are not sure what we will do in the future so encourage us to decide with your Membership in our Company . All that we require from you is - A minimum Age of 15 - Fluent English - Serious Driving - We dont have an Hour Limit ( Giving you a Chance ) - Obeying our Uniforms ( Atleast on Convoys or Meetings ) DISCLAIMER : We refuse to accept Drivers Unable to understand English , or even speak it . So , wanna join our Adventure ? Hop on in and Sign Up on our Site ! to apply please click visit website or click ext apply!
VTC Recruiter
Official VTC Recruiter Team
On The Road With Brett
It takes know-how to build and guide a winning team. When it comes to experience On The Road With Brett VTC fits the bill With a proven track record of positive results at every turn, this elite group sets the tone for outstanding performance and sustained excellence along with their dedication to growth and service, make On The Road With Brett VTC an industry leader in every sense